EXSYS Tool Repair LLC. specializes in rebuilding and repairing driven tooling for your CNC turning center. Although we are factory authorized by Eppinger for live tool repairs, we are capable of rebuilding virtually every make and model of driven tools. Our technicians are applying the essential well known German standards. Understanding the principles behind German engineering has allowed our facility to undergo tasks of the utmost precision. Maximizing the life of your CNC turning center tool holders requires knowledge of an extensive line of bearings and assembly procedures. Here we have the ability to repair any tool holder to OEM specifications or it is non-repairable. Our facility is subject to the supply and demand of factory specific parts for tooling that has extensive internal damage. In other words, we cannot always supply OEM parts for tools with severe damage due to the availability of these parts from the OEM.


a. Disassembly
b. Assessment of internal parts


a. Must be approved or declined by customer
b. If the estimate is approved, the work is done at the exact cost of the estimate


a. Replacement of seals and bearings
b. Replacement of any manufacturer specific parts
c. Realignment
d. Re-adjusting the preload
e. All tools are test run for noise and temperature

All of EXSYS Tool Repair’s work is backed with a six month limited warranty from the date of the invoice. All sealed units will need their seals replaced at some point based on the usage. This is most commonly referred to as routine maintenance. It is difficult for the end user to detect the worn seals before the bearings fail, so the bearings typically need to be replaced as well. It is not recommended for the customer to disassemble the unit for inspection for two reasons. 1. If the customer is trying to inspect the holder’s internal condition, they can disrupt the balance of the holder. 2. If the unit is sent to us for repair after this point, it is more timely and costly to reconfigure the unit. Trusting your holder in the hands of a professional who is specialized and a facility that will warranty the product is the soundest decision for you and/or your customer. It is our way of offering security in bringing all of your tooling back to the condition of the day you bought it.


Prices are subject to change without notice. All prices are point of shipment. In addition to the price of the item, buyer shall pay the seller an amount equal to any tax or duty which seller may pay in respect to the sales. All estimates submitted by EXSYS Tool Repair, LLC are NET.


F.O.B. point of shipment. Title and right of possession will pass to customer upon delivery to carrier.


Product will be shipped best way, usually UPS unless otherwise specified. EXSYS Tool Repair, LLC. warranty will cover ground shipping back to the customer. No express shipping will be covered under warranty.


To set-up an account, please fax a three trade reference sheet and your bank information to our fax (352) 588-4821. Payment of invoice to be received within thirty (30) days after the date of invoice. No cash discounts apply. If payment is NOT r1eceived within these terms, an additional charge of 1.5% per month will be applied to the unpaid balance. Payment must be mailed to: EXSYS Tool Repair, LLC.; 11654 Corporate Lake Blvd. San Antonio, Florida 33576. If no account is set-up, items are returned C.O.D.


EXSYS Tool Repair, LLC. backs all repairs with a six month limited warranty. Warranty will cover defects due to assembly error, freight charges inbound to EXSYS Tool Repair, LLC. must be prepaid. All warranties must have authorization number given by EXSYS Tool Repair, LLC.

Please send all returned goods to:
EXSYS Tool Repair, LLC.

11654 Corporate Lake Blvd.
San Antonio, Florida 33576

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