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Special Delivery

With the shelves filling up in Denkendorf, Germany,

We are happy to announce that deliveries are on schedule.

Live Tools ready to ship.

The recent restructuring and expansion of the Eppinger manufacturing plant and the addition of several new machines and the installation of robots slowed down production this past year. But now, with this new growth structure, we are ready to take on the heavy influx of orders and greatly reduce your delivery times. Customer service and delivering your much needed tooling in a timely manor is of upmost importance to us and we are taking steps to make this happen.

EXSYS/Eppinger's busy shop floor

While we have improved our productivity, we are aimed to deliver this productivity to you. If you currently have an open estimate with an extended delivery date, please contact us, as we have recently improved delivery times by several weeks. Many of our accessories and adapters are in-stock and ready to ship on our online store.

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