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EXSYS Tool Offers Range of Precision Planetary Gearbox Solutions

Planetary Gearbox

The planetary range provides excellent energy efficiency, minimal heat generation and extremely smooth motion for a wide variety of applications and industries.

Standard planetary gearboxes are available in PE (planetary eco) and PP (planetary precision) styles for applications that require low backlash, high efficiency, shock resistance and a high-torque-to-weight ratio. With a modular design that combines ground gears and precision gear components, these gearboxes ensure performance efficiency and maximum uptime. They also use less energy and easily mount to a variety of motors through a flexible flange system.

The present range of planetary gearboxes comprises five sizes, with each size offered as a single, dual or triple stage design. Each gearbox variant is also available as a precision design with reduced backlash. The wide assortment of sizes and designs allows users to achieve overall transmission ratios from i = 3:1 to i = 512:1 in a variety of applications.

Servo planetary gearboxes in PT-style are also available for easy installation of all common servo motors with all sizes of the gearboxes. PT-style gearboxes feature a unique design by which all ring gears, planet gears and sun pinions are case hardened and ground to guarantees high stiffness, reliable transmission and allow precise positioning tasks.

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