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Cut Your Perishable Tooling Costs

Perishable tooling

Your productivity is EXSYS/Eppinger’s primary concern. Many of the features of our tooling provide the benefit of extended perishable cutting tool life, which results in reduced costs and an increase in your productivity. With our mono-block design, bearing seat positioning, and precision ground gears our toolholders promote a more productive operation.

Our mono-block design generates structural integrity by creating positive harmonics within the toolholder during milling operations. This reduction in vibration increases the toolholder’s rigidity, which decreases the wear on your perishable tool. The positive harmonics from the rigid design, also creates improved surface finishes, and allows you to take deeper cuts and run at higher feed rates.

The sub-micron positioning of our bearing seats further reduces heat, which in turn reduces seal wear and thermal expansion permitting you to maintain consistent finishes for longer periods, causing less wear to your carbide.

Another significant positive effect on noise reduction is the use of Gleason ground gears.


Noise is vibration, and vibration is not only visible on the workpiece surface, but it also reduces the cutting tool’s life. Our gearing is installed on precision ground spindles that are qualified and balanced in the sub-micron tolerances as well. Five microns is the maximum allowed total indicator reading (TIR) as an industry average, but often, because our spindles are machined so accurately, we can achieve TIR of three microns or less.

All of these factors define our primary objective of increasing your machine’s productivity, reducing the frequency of costly carbide change outs.

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